Best ways to get famous on Tiktok

Tiktok is the most download and famous app has over 1 billion downloads on
Google Play store. This article will guide you towards the best possible ways to get
famous on Tiktok. However, a lot of hard work and input is required in attaining
attention and making content that nearly looks flawless. It’s a social media site
where one uses trending songs to make short skits or lip syncing / dancing videos
to gain followers and viewers.
First things first, pick a topic you think you can master in. These topics include
memes, beauty bloggers, gamers, dancing, lip syncing, acting etc. Anything can
really be used for Tiktok. Once you decide what your content will look like, start
practicing on daily basis to achieve the perfect timing in the video. Emphasize on
a certain type of music or video to attract the audience. Having to emphasize and
focus on a type doesn’t mean you only have to make certain type of videos but it
does help to build like-minded followers.

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Since people react to things they recognize, capitalizing on a popular trend will help increase followers quickly. Famous songs on Tiktok might not at first be famous among people and radio but eventually they find its way. Select popular songs in the discover tab every day to include yourself in the list of trending Tiktokers. However, it is also advised to pick a unique song or mix two to three songs to make you stand out.

Creating good content is the most important factor in getting famous. Devote your time and attention to the video when filming. Try to produce atleast one or two videos on a daily basis to gain followers. Once you start making videos regularly the audience will start checking out your videos and engage on them frequently. Creating content on Tiktok isn’t as hard as it seems, you can stick to dancing or lip syncing and still get famous. However, doing something out of the blue every once in a while would help getting you on trending and eventually famous.

Look enticing and engaging in your videos. It’s the personality that matters, the more attractive you seem the more the people will intend to look at your profile. If you want to get famous, try for it. Don’t just wake up and start making videos, perfect looking videos are what gains the attention of the audience, spend time on making them and you’ll notice how people will start sharing your content and following you. Try to be creative and someone from whom people would think they can learn.

Find Tiktokers who are making videos in the same niche and collaborate with them; this will help you increase your followers x10. This is also known as mutual benefit which means that it’s a win-win situation. Privately message the Tiktokers that you would want to collaborate with and hope for a positive response. Once you start to collaborate you’ll gain much fame in a short span. If those famous Tiktokers plan a meet-up try to be there and make space for yourself.

Besides from being a basic Tiktoker, find ways in which you can influence people. Either by telling a short story, something you did, something you made but try to keep the content engaging and attractive. Stories can either be funny, can be a joke that you pulled up on your friends or family etc. Make it concise and entertaining. You can use other platforms to your advantage, this would give you exposure. Uploading or sharing your Tiktoks on snapchat, instagram, facebook would help in gaining a lot of attention and popularity. You could also pay and get your content advertised through other pages.

Tags are something that makes searching and finding something very easy. This is why tags are a really important part of your video upload. They will flare up your posts, making it easier for the people to find your videos and your profile. You can also create your own tags and soon enough people will start using them. Tags should be based on what is on your video or what is happening in it. Tagging the song you’re using would help a lot.

Mostly all Tiktokers film their videos in their bedroom or some part of the house. So to stand out; try recording dancing videos or videos in general in a public place to leverage other people’s reactions. You should film more videos when travelling or you could even record during recess at school/university, this would make your content interesting. A unique location would do the job.

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Editing your videos require skills, add filters if you think they would enhance your video quality. Add in transitions, try mixing up the speed, try slow motions, and try to be innovative when editing your video. A good transitioned video can get more views than a normal filmed video. More views mean more popularity and that is exactly what you’re looking for.

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Participate in the popular trending challenges that are happening every other week. Look at the best videos of that challenge, practice till you’re perfect and then by following all the other steps try to make the most flawless video you can. Don’t doubt yourself and be confident, this would make the video seem more attractive.

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Tiktok also has an option of live stream that helps you interact with your followers and ask them what kind of videos they would like you to make. Every once in a while make time and go live to engage with the audience. Add some hashtags to your stream title to make it easily searchable. While streaming you can listen to music, share your makeup skills, answer questions, work out, or go about your everyday activities. There’s really no boundary on what you can do while streaming.

These are the best possible ways for you to excel on Tiktok, gain followers, get popular as well as start to enjoy it. Once you’re comfortable with the app and its features it wouldn’t take 5 minutes to perfect your video.

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